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Will of the People

When we prosper, I prosper and when I prosper, we prosper.
Tired of working day in and day out, never to reach the promise of prosperity? Don't you want real economic change within your lifetime? Don't you want to be a part of a Movement with bold and innovative solutions to create a new economy where AllPeopleProsper, pulling billions of people out of poor and desperate conditions? Isn't it time we come together as a people with one voice, for one objective? And here's the blueprint to achieve it. It's clear our government, corporate, financial and economic leaders haven't been able to end global poverty, putting the responsibility now to all of us, the people. Ending poverty and human suffering belongs to each one of us and the human tribe is the only force powerful enough to eliminate it - It requires You, it requires our Families, it requires our Friends, and requires our Loved Ones to commit, engage and take action with AllPeopleProsper, a Movement, Economic Model and Global Strategy dedicated to implementing a new socioeconomic system where AllPeopeProsper, ending global poverty.

Slow Status Quo

There is no current plan to end global poverty in our lifetime.
Today, top anti-poverty organizations estimate the elimination of extreme poverty ($1.90 or less per/day) in 20-30 years, however, this is slow and still leaves mass global poverty prevalent without substantive reform, and this estimate was pre-coronavirus. Governments around the world are spending trillions of dollars on federal bailouts and stimulus packages in response to the coronavirus pandemic, increasing global debt, leaving the next generation to pay for it, and repeat the same failure of mass poverty, inequality, and death. And, after all that money spent, lives lost, and families devastated, poverty will continue to exist.

Charities, Non-profits, Philanthropic Organizations, and Research Data would say poverty has gotten better around the world. Tell that, 'it's getting better', to millions of children, parents and families who die and live in poverty every year, knowing only despair, struggle and anxiety. Tell them it'll take another 20, 30, or 40 years before economic change, but you'll still be poor, hoping for a better life. Hope is not a plan.

Movement with Solutions

Now, there is a bold, innovative global strategy and economic model where AllPeopleProsper.
AllPeopleProsper, is the first social Movement to introduce a paradigm shifting, free market 'Bottom-to-Up' socioeconomic model where AllPeopleProsper, so that 40 years from now, poverty doesn't continue to cripple society economically, socially, mentally and test our ability to remain compassionate for our fellow sisters and brothers.

The MMORI Project think tank has developed a three-point strategy, AllPeopleProsper Economic Model, AllPeopleProsper Global Strategy and AllPeopleProsper Movement of the People, designed for exponential economic growth for main street, thereby reducing income inequality, and forge a level playing field for all people. A new economy where AllPeopleProsper, generates millions of new consumers, and people moving from poverty and low-income wages, to middle- and upper-middle income wages, along with strong high-income earners. Governments collect increasing tax revenues, and corporations grow and invest, establishing societal balance between the People, Government and Corporations, built on a bottom-to-up approach to free market economics, Capitalism2.0.

The Plan

A Movement.

Be a part of a Movement with bold and innovative solutions to create a new economy where AllPeopleProsper, creating a better world without suffering in our lifetime. We must join together for the most important pursuit ever taken in our history, AllPeopleProsper - an End to Global Poverty. 

Economic Model.

The AllPeopleProsper's economic model is a 'bottom-to-up', free market socioeconomic approach to the labor market, wealth distribution, opportunity and access; finally burying trickle-down economics, featuring job security and a work force culture of life-long learning, adaptability, flexibility, inclusion and innovation toward long-term societal sustainability and balance between the people, government and corporations.

Global Strategy.

To accomplish a mission as herculean as the development, implementation and management of a socioeconomic system where AllPeopleProsper, it requires robust strategy, collaboration, political change, and the Will of the People.

Legislation & Policy.

Legislation and policy should reflect the ideas, demands and needs of the people it serves - the Will of the People to forge a new era of prosperity for all.

The People's Demands

The People's Demands to engage our global leaders to adopt new legislation and policies toward a new socioeconomic system that works for all people, closing wealth disparities and build a better future for ourselves and loved ones toward Global Peace, Equality, Education & Well-being, and Sustainability3.

1) AllPeopleProsper Legislation & Policy
AllPeopleProsper legislation and policy - the development, implementation and management of a paradigm shifting, free-market economy where AllPeopleProsper, a bottom-up, socioeconomic approach to labor force, wealth distribution, opportunity and access, finally burying failed trickledown economics, and truly build global systems for all people to prosper.
2) Job Security for All People
Job Security for All People - 18 years and older, work force culture of life-long learning, adaptability, flexibility, inclusion and innovation toward long-term societal sustainability and balance between the people, government and corporations.
3) Education & Well-being
Education & Well-being - a new standard of education combining and recognizing the Well-being of children mentally and emotionally is key to long-term health and prosperity.
4) Sustainability3 Legislation and Policy
Sustainability3 Legislation and Policy - the development, implementation, and management of systems that are designed to monitor, and prevent internal and external elements that would threaten human survival, progress and existence against Humanity's top threats, including but not limited to: Climate change, Mass Poverty and Deaths, Inequality, Chronic & Infectious Disease, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Food & Water Insecurity and Education & Well-being.
5) Global Peace Legislation and Policy
Global Peace Legislation and Policy - geopolitical goals, and success milestones toward, 1) alleviating the barriers to solving specific challenges per country, blocking prosperity and anti-poverty advancements and, 2) management, coordination and Implementation of measures and analysis for continued progress with allied and non-allied partnerships toward sustainable global peace.

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