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Our mission is to develop a new economic model for society where AllPeopleProsper, ending global poverty, featuring job security and a labor force culture of life-long learning, adaptability, flexibility, inclusion and innovation toward long-term societal sustainability and balance between the public, government and corporations.

The Goal


Supply and demand economics has been at the center of economic and social prosperity, achievement and advancement for the global community, however, inequalities and wealth disparities continue to widen with millions of people dying each year that could be avoided from simple preventative measures and billions living in poverty and extreme poverty with little to no means of escape. Trickle-down economics, a 'Top-to-Bottom' approach to labor force participation, wealth distribution, access and opportunity, fails to achieve the promise of economic prosperity, trickling down to the poor, low-income and middle-class workers. While corporations, industries, innovators and entrepreneurs forge ahead to keep pace with competition and innovation, the vulnerable, economically and educationally disadvantaged are left behind.

To succeed in achieving our mission of prosperity to all people, a new economic model for society is required. The MMORI Project think tank has developed an economic model for society where AllPeopleProsper, ending poverty, featuring job security and labor force culture of life-long learning, adaptability, flexibility, inclusion and innovation toward long-term societal sustainability and balance between the people, government and corporations. AllPeopleProsper's mission and belief is that we're capable of achieving both, strong 'bottom-to-up' free market capitalism and value all human life above all else; so history will show our greatest achievement was not innovation or wealth, but humanity itself - the complete eradication of global poverty and human suffering in our lifetime.

AllPeopleProsper's goal is to ensure all people attain sustainable Prosperity, a state of being successful and wealthy to keep ourselves and our families financially stable, and the ability to withstand financially, emotionally and physically crippling unforeseen life stresses that can have a big impact such as, death of a loved one, work stresses, loss of a job, divorce, increase in financial obligations, getting married, moving to a new home, chronic illness or injury, emotional challenges (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem), taking care of an elderly or sick family member, traumatic event, such as a natural disaster, theft, rape, or violence against you or a loved one.

AllPeopleProsper's economic model, movement, and global strategy succeeds where trickle-down economics fails. We must unite with our family, friends, strangers, neighbors, students, community leaders, thought leaders, activists - 'Will of the People' to demand a new era of humanity where AllPeopleProsper toward Equality, Global Peace, Sustainability3 and Education & Well-being.

Global Peace


Global Peace is possible.

Our objective of global peace and prosperity for all people honors humanity's commitment to value all human life above all else, pulling billions of people out of poverty, substantively address Climate Change, Nuclear Proliferation, War, Terrorism, Population and Resource Depletion, Asteroid & Volcanic, Cyber Warfare and Natural Disasters, foster Education & Well-being, eliminate Mass Deaths, Food and Water Insecurities, poor health, chronic and infectious diseases, human trafficking and human rights abuse, morphing our childhood dreams from the distant impossible to now, possible.

As children enamored by wondrous adventures and boundless possibilities, we all imagined and wished for world peace with everyone living together harmoniously, thriving, celebrating our differences and settling disputes without war and the loss of lives. But then we grew up and those glorious ideas are replaced with our all consuming instinctual drive to survive, morphing our once possible dreams to distant impossibilities.

AllPeopleProsper's movement of the people, global strategy, legislation & policy and economic model are designed to deliver job security for all people, yielding socioeconomic growth, stability and governance to under developed and developing countries through strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperation with advanced countries. To forge a global landscape of unity and connection - the human tribe, caring and looking out for one another whether 7 feet, or 7 thousand miles away.


Human dignity. The dignity of who we are, our choices, dreams, hopes, family, purpose. Equality, a force that has alluded humanity throughout history. To feel or be made to feel less than another person because of where I was born, how much money I have, color of my skin, region I live, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, mental or physical ability; inequality attacks human dignity like a virus with no way to know its effect over time. Equal opportunity for All people economically, educationally, and socially can begin to heal these wounds.

AllPeopleProsper's mission of a society where All People Prosper creates opportunity for a balanced society between the people, government and corporations. Families can better afford quality educational options for every child to discover and fulfill their purpose. The AllPeopleProsper's economic model produces job security and an employment centered culture of life-long learning, flexibility, adaptability, inclusion and innovation to avoid mass job losses due to emerging technologies like Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, while corporations continue to invest and innovate. A stronger and expanded consumer base empower governments with increased tax revenue to prioritize budget allocation and investing toward the economically and socially hardest hit regions for equitable housing, infrastructure, quality medical access and treatment, education, cutting-edge technology and job opportunity, security and mobility.

Prosperity for all brings equal opportunities for all and the human dignity to live and die equally, a force in us all that anything is possible.



Sustainability3 (S3), Human Sustainability, the synchronized balance of Individual Sustainability, Tribal Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability functioning as the methodology, mechanism and strategy to balance our primary instincts, Survival, Tribe and Purpose. For most, life is consumed by survival and pursuit of prosperity, working a lifetime to raise a family and hopefully enjoy good times with friends and loved ones, leaving little time to search, discover and fulfill ones purpose before we die.

Individual Sustainability (iS), for each person to not just exist, to survive, but live no longer worried about sustainable food, water, shelter, a job, health insurance and advancement for themselves and family in support of the Tribal and Environmental Sustainability.

Tribal Sustainability (tS), social and economic sustainability of all people, the human tribe, against top threats like Mass Deaths and Poverty, Inequality, Chronic & Infectious Disease, Human Trafficking, War, Terrorism, Education & Learning, Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Water & Food Insecurities, in support of Individual and Environmental Sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability (eS) is the economic and social sustainability of the planet we inhabit, land, water, air, resources and indigenous species (animals, insects, birds, mammals, wildlife, biological) in support of Individual and Tribal Sustainability against conditions and threats to human existence like, Climate Change, Overpopulation, Energy & Resource Depletion, Asteroid Defense and Natural Disaster Impact.

AllPeopleProsper's Economic Model where All People Prosper, Movement of the People and multi-dimensional Global Strategy delivers sustainable societal balance and ability to address humanity's top threats for generations.


Life is hard. To be heard, connect, and find Purpose, but for most, the struggle to survive is all we can muster. Education & Well-being helps us to move past survival, and better equips our children to navigate life's challenges and succeed in living a life in search, discovery and fulfillment of Purpose. This gives all children a chance to reach beyond what they see as possible, and answer tomorrow's mysteries, exploring their hopes and dreams.

Positive Education applies psychology in a whole-school learning approach, emphasizing encouragement of individual strengths and motivation, nurturing students' well-being, self-esteem, and contributes to effective outcomes. This creates a roadmap for all children to reach their potential despite their economic or social background, grow up caring about themselves, and that others see the best in them regardless of varying emotional, physical, and mental abilities– that we ALL matter and can make an impact.

Education & Well-being

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