The AllPeopleProsper's Economic Model, Movement, and Global Strategy succeeds where trickle-down economics fail, delivering a 'Bottom-to-Top' approach to labor force participation, wealth distribution, access and opportunity.

Global Peace

Socioeconomic growth, stability, and governance to under developed and developing countries through strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships, and multilateral cooperation with advanced countries.


Prosperity for all brings equal opportunities for all and the human dignity to live and die equally, a force in us all that anything is possible.

Education & Well-being

All people deserve a chance at a life of prosperity, a life in search, discovery and fulfillment of purpose - all people. Life is hard, but Education & Well-Being better equips everyone to navigate life's challenges and succeed in living a life of purpose.


AllPeopleProsper's Economic Model, Movement of the People and Global Strategy delivers sustainable societal balance and ability to address humanity's top threats for generations.

Join The Movement.

AllPeopleProsper Free Market Economy

Join The Movement dedicated to achieving a paradigm shifting, free market economy where AllPeopleProsper, ending global poverty in our lifetime.

Our mission and AllPeopleProsper Economic Model centers around building a global coalition to achieve a 'bottom-to-top' economy where AllPeopleProsper, featuring job security and a labor force culture of life-long learning, adaptability, flexibility, inclusion and innovation - Capitalism 2.0.

AllPeopleProsper's bold innovative, socioeconomic model creates societal balance between the People, Government and Corporations, ensuring our ability to substantively address humanity's top challenges: Inequality, Mass Deaths and Poverty, Climate Change, Chronic & Infectious Diseases, Education & Learning, Human Rights, Food and Water Insecurities and Human Trafficking.

AllPeopleProsper's mission includes consultation in the field of Economics.

All People Deserve a Life of Prosperity, Tribe and Purpose.

Mesan Che, Activist



We Have The Economic Model, The Global Strategy and all we need now Is YOU!